WordPress Staff Directory

Posts Table Pro is the perfect WordPress directory plugin. Use the documentation to see how you can create a staff directory, displayed as a searchable and sortable table. We’ve provided a tutorial on how to create a WordPress staff directory with Posts Table Pro.

Colin CoolGraphic Designer01234 123456colin.cool@domain.commarketing
Adam TechWordPress Developer23456 234567adam.tech@domain.comit
Gill BrownChairperson34567 345667gill.brown@domain.commanagement
Percy PushySales Manager45678 456789percy.pushy@domain.commanagement marketing
Jack YoungAdmin Assistant56789 567890jack.young@domain.comadmin
Maya OakenMarketing Lead09876 098765maya.oaken@domain.commarketing
Sarah SloaneFinance Director87654 876543sarah.sloane@domain.comfinance management
Gary GreenSecretary765432 7654321gary.green@domain.comadmin
Barry BossManaging Director92846 192345barry.boss@domain.commanagement

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