WordPress eBook Library

Posts Table Pro is excellent as a WordPress eBook library plugin. It lists your digital eBooks in a searchable table with filters. Read our tutorial about how to use Posts Table Pro as a WordPress eBook plugin – either with downloadable eBooks or e-commerce ‘Buy’ buttons.



A Clash of KingsBantam Books4.5A Song of Ice and Fire1999Download
A Dance with DragonsBantam Books4A Song of Ice and Fire2011Download eBook
A Feast for CrowsBantam Books3.8A Song of Ice and Fire2005
A Game of ThronesBantam Books4.5A Song of Ice and Fire1996Add to Cart
A Storm of SwordsBantam Books4.6A Song of Ice and Fire2000Read It Now
Dead Man’s HandBantam Books5Wild Cards1990
Dying of the LightSimon & Schuster3.7None1977Download
Fevre DreamPoseidon Press4.2None1982Download PDF
The Armageddon RagNemo Press3.9None1983
WindhavenTimescape3.5None1981Buy Now
World of Ice and FireBantam Books4.5A Song of Ice and Fire2014Download

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